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Our Student Testimonials

When I started looking for a reflexology course I was struck by the professional and detailed information on the The Complementary Therapy School website.  I decided to join the Clinical Reflexology course and everything from that point onwards was seamless, the level of organisation was impressive.

When the course begun I was very excited and nervous.  Our tutor, Melanie, was a total joy and any nerves were gone in the first five minutes.  Melanie’s totally professional style was also incredibly warm and friendly and this made the course very special.  The actual format of the course was excellent, just learning enough at each stage yet not being overwhelmed.  The specific reflexology steps are so thoroughly taught that you really feel confident in your ability by the end of the course.  We had days assigned to counselling skills, Chinese reflexology, business skills, anatomy/physiology amongst many other topics and each day introduced us to specialist tutors whose enthusiasm and knowledge was outstanding.  Melanie paces the course perfectly mixing the reflexology skills with the anatomy/physiology aspects. I loved each and every day in school and felt incredibly supported by Melanie in between lectures.

I started my journey with the firm knowledge that I had picked the right school and by the end all my expectations were met and so much more.  I cannot recommend The Complementary Therapy School highly enough.  Melanie will guide you through, inform you and totally energise you in all aspects of becoming a Clinical Reflexologist.

Pam Fraser

I have thoroughly enjoyed the reflexology course. Melanie has the utmost patience, and no question is ever a problem for her to answer. Her teaching methods are absolutely fantastic, and she teaches in a way that is easy to understand. She has a lovely nature, and is so approachable. She has always been very encouraging, and never makes one feel stupid!! I would highly recommend the reflexology course (and I have). I would attend another of Melanie’s classes, to learn other new skills. She encourages us to email if we have any concerns, and is always quick to answer back. The clients that I have been practicing on have commented on how well they feel after several weeks of reflexology; this I feel reflects on Melanie’s teaching skills! Thank you Melanie!!!


Sally Adams

I spent a considerable amount of time researching reflexology courses available across the area before electing to study the course taught by Melanie Bell. I chose this course because I wanted to study for a fully accredited qualification with a respected Association and tutor. I can’t recommend this course, or Melanie’s teaching highly enough! The course is taught in a relatively small group allowing every student to have individual attention from Melanie both during the teaching days and out with, via phone or email. This course is giving me the professional knowledge, skills and the confidence that I will need for my practice in the future and if you’re looking to study a first class course in reflexology, then this is the one for you!



Dianne Steven

I was intrigued by reflexology and my intrigue was satisfied on this course. The course is very informative and you discover things about how your body works that you probably had never even thought about considering before. The course is well structured and Melanie never tires of answering questions (even if it has been asked twenty times previously). Melanie also has a way of breaking down the most complicated answer to make it simple.

Donna Barber

I graduated from my Swedish Massage Course four months ago and I still can remember how nervous I felt going to my first day of the course but all my insecurity disappeared as soon as I met my tutor and my colleagues. Melanie was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable, and she communicates very clearly. The practice sessions were detailed, explicit, and clear to follow. She gave clear answers to all the many questions I came with, and now after my graduation I still get full support for my further development and with any queries I have. I am looking forward to my Indian Head Massage course soon. I would not hesitate to recommend the school, the course and Melanie as tutor to anyone serious about learning. Thank you Melanie.


Ionela Borodatencu

I wanted to let you know that following your reflexology course has been a great pleasure.  You have been the most emphatic person to me and I found the course very well structured.
Everything was crystal clear even for a lost French like me. I will remember of a lot of your teaching as well as having spent such a pleasant time. It has really been a great pleasure to meet a nice person like you.



Estelle Rippe

I highly recommend the Reflexology course Melanie Bell teaches. Melanie is approachable and friendly and is always available for support. While dealing with questions, Melanie always responds in such a way that nothing is too much trouble. Her expertise in conventional and complementary medicine shines through in her responses. So much so the end result is a highly regarded diploma which is also recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.


Una O’Keefe

The Diploma Course in Clinical Reflexology is a comprehensive high level training course. The staff are friendly, supportive, encouraging, giving constructive feedback and sound advice all the way, helping you to gain confidence applying reflexology.

I recommend this course to anyone with a keen interest in reflexology whether for personal use or as a career choice.



Christel McLeod

I completed the Swedish Massage course with The Complementary Therapy School between 2021-22.  This course provides a good balance between practical and theory that underpins Swedish Massage.  Tutors are there to support, demonstrate, guide and advise during all practicals and the practicals continually build on experience as you progress through the course.  Practicals are well-planned and tutors are very knowledgeable and approachable – I couldn’t have done this without their support!

There are case studies and coursework to complete as part of the course, but the expectations for each are set out clearly and Melanie is VERY approachable for further guidance, clarification and is always both prompt at replying and very very accommodating if further support or time is required.

The course makes you feel confident in establishing yourself as a massage therapist upon completion.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to any person interested in a career in Swedish Massage.


Neil Duncan

Thank you, Melanie, for such an in-depth detailed course. I was very nervous, but you made me feel at ease and supported me along the way. Whether it was during the practical sessions or tutorials I always felt you were able to explain in a way I could understand. I am looking forward to starting my own practice and would highly recommend this course to anyone.  Thank you!



Julia Kehoe

I signed up for this course in September last year,for a new skill and to do something for myself and I got so much more, I gained new friends, confidence and found my self worth that I lost over the years and a passion for life again, I was very nervous but as soon as I walked through the door I was made to feel so welcome, Melanie is an amazing tutor and is always at the end of an email, txt or call. She gave me my confidence back and is so approachable and friendly and really knows her stuff. This course has changed my life for the better and for that I am forever greatful, If you are thinking about doing this course I really urge you too as it’s fantastic in every way.



Heather Macisaac

The major benefit of this course, unlike some of the other reflexology courses around, is that it is endorsed by the Association of Reflexologists. This means that it has been checked for content, delivery and professionalism. And because the classes were kept small, you felt you got a lot of individual attention and support. Money well spent!




Heather Ruth 

The Reflexology course run by The Complementary Therapy School was of a very high standard and very thorough.  The practical teaching of the course was excellent with many opportunities to ask questions and to check that I had learned the sequence and techniques correctly.  This course taught me that, in order to become a reflexologist of a high standard, you need a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology and an awareness of many common ailments/conditions, so that you can tailor treatments to your client’s needs. I am glad I chose this course as it requires you to complete a good number of case studies and to do so in a professional manner.  I feel well prepared to now practice as a qualified reflexologist.


Mandy May

This Reflexology training is very comprehensive. I am grateful for Melanie Bell’s professionalism and nurturing spirit who is an inspiring, knowledgeable and down-to-earth teacher and have recommended this course to my friends – because I love it. Thank you so much Melanie.




Rabin Panchkoty

I would thoroughly recommend the reflexology course run by the Complementary Therapy School. The teaching days are very enjoyable with a good balance between practice and theory.  The class is relatively small and the tutor support, both on class days and otherwise by email or phone, is excellent.  Having completed the course, students will have a respected professional qualification, which is accredited by ABC Awards.



Jill Forbes

As a novice to alternative therapies I wasn’t sure what to expect but the ABC Awards course is very clear and concise. I found it to be a good balance of theory, practice with the added bonus of making new friends.





David Carmichael

Excellent, worthwhile course that has an accreditation at the end. The course has a good balance of theory and practical and we have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. It is a nice small class with combinations of backgrounds and personalities, which makes it interesting and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in reflexology



Rhona McCallan

Accreditation was the most important factor I was looking for when sourcing a reflexology qualification. The Complementary Therapy School is an accredited centre of The Association of Reflexologists and the course is accredited by ABC Awards; therefore I knew I would complete the course with a recognised and respected qualification. Class sizes are small and practical experience is plentiful with supervision and support at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Complementary Therapy School.



Susan Galashan

The school delivers a great back massage course and the practical hands-on approach helped me to refine the technique in the classroom whilst gaining my confidence in the entire back massage sequence. Very reassuring and would thoroughly recommend.





Lynda Mcintosh

The course is taught in a warm, friendly, supportive environment, and has the added benefit of being endorsed by the Association of Reflexologists.  It will enable you to gain a fantastic new skill and have fun at the same time.






Nicky Hessel

I chose this course for two reasons, firstly it is endorsed by the AOR which means it complies with professional standards and secondly it takes place on weekends, which makes it easier to fit around other commitments.






Katherine Tarr

From the first contact I had with Melanie at the Complementary School I knew it was definitely the course for me. Melanie sent me all the information I requested by return email, answered all my queries professionally and was very helpful. She has been with us all every step of the way during the course and is only ever an email or phone call away. The support we have received from Melanie has been fantastic. She encourages, keeps us calm and above all believes we can all do it. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. We have received firm foundations from this course and now have the knowledge and practical skills to be professional reflexologists. Thank you Melanie for your dedication and support.





Linda Ross

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and have found Melanie to be a very competent teacher. She remains very approachable and is always available for advice if needed. The course content was extensive and very comprehensive with an excellent level of anatomy and physiology. The mix of theory and practice is also spot on. I feel the course has given me an extremely good grounding for a future career as a reflexologist and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. The fact that the course was accredited by ABC Awards was also very important to me.



Joan McRae

Melanie’s course notes are clear, concise and logical and she is a born teacher. The assignments are extremely relevant to the course and to the practical work we have to do in our own time. Melanie is very approachable and her knowledge of reflexology and all complementary therapies is excellent. I’m amazed at how much I have learnt.





Rita Bond

As a teacher, I found Melanie’s classes to be both interesting and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this course to someone who would like to practice reflexology professionally.





Michelle Caie

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Reflexology. It is obvious that Melanie is passionate about her subject and she conveys this to her students in a relaxed and informal learning environment. She instils confidence in your ability to complete the course and continuously observes all students, with gentle hints and demonstrations where necessary, as they apply what they learn from day one. The atmosphere created is soothing but energised and everyone leaves the session positively upbeat and deeply relaxed. It is a great package made all the better this year as there is no final exam, only continuous assessment with practical and positive support. So be assured that you can expect good quality training with a recognised and valued qualification that enables entry to professional bodies.



Pat Logan

Reflexology is so very different to my current line of work, which made me somewhat apprehensive about signing up to this course.  The course is very well structured and Melanie makes learning enjoyable.  I have found the pace of the course just right.  Melanie is very supportive and the fact that she is available out with the classroom for advice and support is very reassuring.



Clare Calderwood

Deciding to train as a reflexologist was a huge career change for me and having researched many courses, I was directed to the Complementary Therapy School by Careers Scotland.  I was really quite nervous the first day of the course but shouldn’t have been!  Melanie’s teaching style is fantastic – she is very approachable and her passion for reflexology is clear. Teaching days are run at weekends, which suits me perfectly as I wouldn’t have been able to do the course otherwise.  The assignments are both challenging and interesting and teaching days are a perfect mix of theory and practical work.  I am delighted I made the right choice in applying to the CTS, the teaching days are the highlight of my month! I find Melanie a superb example of what a therapist should be – organised, passionate and professional – and I hope to carry these qualities into my own career.  If you want to study reflexology, I cannot recommend this course highly enough!





Leanne Christie

After researching and considering a few Reflexology courses I decided to apply for the course taught by Melanie Bell, because it is a fully accredited course, which is recognised by the Association of Reflexologists.

I have not regretted my decision.  I have found the course so far to be very enjoyable and informative.  I am part of a group of 12 people from a variety of backgrounds, which adds to the enjoyment. The relatively small number means Melanie has time to give everyone in the group the attention they require on teaching days, and also to reply personally and quickly to any Emails, if support is needed before the next teaching day.  Questions are always welcomed and in fact encouraged – no question is too small.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone from any background that is considering a Reflexology course.  The mix of clear theory teaching and supervised practical practice, backed up by home assignments and case studies, builds understanding and confidence and I feel is excellent preparation for a future in Reflexology.



Myra Anderson

I attended the NLP course this weekend at The Complementary Therapy School, Aberdeen. The presenter had a really informal and easy way of teaching. The course was very informative and has certainly made me think about the way I can improve my communication skills with clients and of course using these skills in my everyday life. I have had a very interesting week………people watching, their body language and just language in general and my responses to conversations. Communication is everything in my occupation, so thank you David for making it a whole lot easier.



Linda Ross

I have found the course fascinating and extremely good fun. I have learned so much from Melanie and working with the group. I knew I would love the practical side of the course but have found, much to my surprise, that I actually enjoy studying again!





Monica Walker

A thorough and comprehensive course giving me the knowledge and confidence to practice. Staff were extremely knowledgeable, supportive and efficient. Would greatly recommend and well worth the money.





Lynda Mcintosh

I am glad the course was in depth as this made me feel well qualified when dealing with individual clients proving that the complementary therapy school is offering the highest standard of Reflexology course and tutoring. The course principal was always available for help or advice if needed and her previous knowledge in medicine shone through. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone.




Helen Murdoch

NLP Effective Communication Course day 10th June 2012. I really enjoyed the weekend and can’t believe the amount of knowledge that I have gained about myself and others, which I will put to good use from now on. You have reinforced techniques I have used for ages (not knowing where they came from) but more importantly given me many new tools and ideas. A very enjoyable, positive life-changing course. It has greatly benefited my relationships and my work as a therapist. Would recommend it to everyone. Many thanks once again.





Rabin Panchkoty

At all times I found Melanie to be an extremely knowledgeable, available, likeable and competent reflexology teacher who encouraged me through difficult family circumstances to complete the course and become a Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity



Gordon Edward

If you are looking for a course in Reflexology then I cannot recommend Melanie and The Complementary Therapy School highly enough. Melanie is very dedicated and passionate about reflexology and her teaching methods, with the mix of theory and practice, are spot on. The course is delivered in an interesting and fun way and I looked forward to the study days and catching up with the rest of the group again. I was even surprised at how much I enjoyed returning to study! Out with the teaching days Melanie is always ‘there for you’, promptly offering support and advice either by email or phone. I welcome the lifelong support that Melanie offers to qualified students, as it is brilliant to have continued access to her support and guidance. Thanks to Melanie, she has given me the confidence to pursue Reflexology as a new career. Thank you Melanie, your encouragement and support throughout the course has been invaluable.



Kay Nicoll

David the NLP tutor is a really interesting person. I will definitely try some anchoring visualisations soon and the suggestion that there are no mistakes (only feedback) is a great tool for relieving worry / negative thoughts – in this respect, there is no failure, just a learning curve which sits very well with me! Found it really useful, thanks very much.





Leanne Christie

I chose The CTS because of its excellent accreditation credentials with completion of my course enabling me to become a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. Melanie was a great support to me throughout my time with her by sharing her time, considerable knowledge and expertise.

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value



Jaki Geddes

I have found the reflexology course through The CTS to be interesting, challenging and rewarding. There were times where I doubted my abilities and felt Melanie’s positivity about my capabilities were wrong but I am delighted that not only have I graduated from the course but I feel confident in my ability as a therapist. I feel this is only possible due to the course contents, layout and Melanie’s ability as a tutor. I will miss meeting up with Melanie and the others in the group although I know we will all keep in touch.



Catherine Scott

The NLP course is run in a very informal, relaxed, positive and empowering way. David will answer any questions without hesitation and will leave you feeling very good about incorporating your knowledge gained from the course into your everyday life. He is a very enthusiastic tutor who shares his own experiences with the class with his sensitive but very humorous tone. An all round very good course to take.





Helen Murdoch

The Indian head massage tutor is very friendly to everyone within the class, thus making her very approachable when you need questions answered. At first as a student you may feel overwhelmed by the practical and theory side of this topic but this is eased every gradual step along the way. Dianne will help you feel relaxed so you will be able to take in the knowledge and deliver it to a high standard. The treatment is a fantastic and reviving one and every client enjoys each visit in turn. I think the clients benefit from the vibe of the students and course leaders and this is evident when they leave with positive remarks about their sessions. A most enjoyable course to take and offer to clients.



Helen Murdoch

I started the new Reflexology course in February 2013 and was particularly interested in this course because it offers the highest qualification in reflexology within Scotland, as well as being university credit rated. The course has been hard work with all the assessments, but I really feel that I have learnt an enormous amount and can now apply this when I am running my own reflexology business. Melanie works extremely hard, is very approachable and together with my fellow students has made this one of the most enjoyable courses that I have attended.



Carol Watt

Studying Clinical Reflexology with the Complementary Therapy School has been a very worthwhile learning experience. Melanie has provided a fully credit rated course, which has enabled me to finish as a confident and knowledgeable reflexology practitioner. Being professionally recognised, it fully demonstrates my level of training and commitment to my clients and others in complementary therapies. I wanted training of a high standard and that is exactly what I got. Thank you Melanie.





Natalie Hutcheson

I choose The Complementary Therapy School for my reflexology training as they seemed the most professional, with a university credit rated course and with a principal, Melanie, who had a background in reflexology and Biomedical Science, which I thought was a good balance. I have not been disappointed. I feel we have covered a huge amount in the course. I was daunted because I have no anatomy and physiology background, but I have learnt so much and however taxing it has been sometimes, I feel I will be a much better reflexologist because of it. Melanie is very passionate about reflexology, she is patient and always available to answer any question however small. I am very glad that The CTS provide lifetime support to their students, as I am sure I will be calling, but I also think this shows Melanie’s commitment to reflexology and her students. I really have loved the course and feel I have found something I really love doing and can hopefully give to other people.



Emma Murray

When I decided to study Reflexology, I chose the Complementary Therapy School’s Diploma course because I thought “if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do it right”, and I’m so glad that I did! Although I have found it challenging, because the classes are held only on Sundays, I have been able to fit it around working full-time. It is a very interesting and thorough course taught by a lovely and very knowledgable teacher, Melanie Bell, whose passion for her subject is contagious! Melanie has also made the course good fun and the wonderful venue for the course (the hotel Du Vin) has added a touch of luxury and glamour to my Sundays! An added bonus for me was that my little (well-behaved) dog, Lucy, was always made to feel welcome at our classes by Melanie and my classmates, whom I have thoroughly enjoyed practising Reflexology with! Thanks to everyone.



Iona Corsie

Sundays aren’t quite the same now the reflexology course has finished but new exciting possibilities lie ahead. Thank you again for a wonderful year.





Pamela Birnie

Thank you for all your help on the course and for understanding and accommodating my travelling and course attendance. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning as part of the class and independently.





Catherine Macrobbie

As a student who recently completed the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology course, 2013, I would not hesitate to recommend this course. If you are willing to work hard and dedicate the time required to meet the demands of practical and written assignments you will be assured of completing this course feeling competent and confident to practice Reflexology. I have made lifelong friends in fellow students, who are willing to offer support and advice when needed. The Tutor, Melanie Bell, is very approachable, supportive and knowledgeable.



Roslynn Morris

The Advanced Massage Techniques is a brilliant CPD course that equips you with confidence to practice neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques. Craig is an engaging tutor who uses personal experience and anecdotes to bring the subject matter to life. Attending this course has inspired me to continue with personal development and explore these areas further. Thank you Melanie and Craig for a great day.





Susanna Brook

The advanced massage techniques day was brilliant! A lot of info to take on board but with lots of revisiting and revision it will all be worth while. Craig is a fantastic lecturer.





Vicki Davidson

The CPD Advanced Massage Techniques course was a great massage therapy experience. It was an education but it was also a tremendous stimulation to keep on learning more. Craig’s knowledge base is very broad and his teaching experience seems so vast when it comes to the body. He has a great ability to convey the information in an easy way to understand while including humour throughout the day.



Ionela Borodatencu

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Reflexology course run by the CTS. I chose this course as it is a university credit rated qualification, recognised by the Association of Reflexologists and, as teaching days are at weekends, I could study the course whilst also working full-time. It has been hard work but very enjoyable and worthwhile. The course was delivered professionally and Melanie is knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She is also friendly and approachable, and always happy to answer questions at any time. I have learnt so much and am so glad that I decided to do the course.





Elaine Macpherson

I searched for a long time to find a training course in reflexology, and as soon as I read about The Complementary Therapy School online, I knew I had found the right place for me. The course structure was easily adapted into my working life, the venue at Dundee offered stunning views, and being part of a class who were sharing the same journey was lovely.
The unconditional support from Melanie was second to none, – always calm, always on hand to answer student questions, (no matter how small), and also offering excellent additional support online too. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for reflexology shines through; – it becomes contagious.
The practical training was detailed and superb, the depth of theory very thorough, and although it would be fair to say the anatomy & physiology theory did challenge me on occasions, the hard work has been worth every minute. This course prepares students to confidently work to the highest professional standard in practical and theoretical knowledge. For anyone searching for a reflexology course, I cannot recommend CTS highly enough.





Carol Zuliani

I have really enjoyed studying Clinical Reflexology through The Complementary Therapy School. It has been both challenging and rewarding and I know I have been trained to the highest standard possible with Melanie. Melanie is a fantastic tutor who is always on hand to help guide you. I would have no hesitation in studying more courses through The CTS and would recommend this course to anyone considering a future in complementary therapies.



Jaclyn Muirhead

The Reflexology course run by Melanie was captivating with elements that were challenging to keep you motivated and hold your attention. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical aspects. Having to practice reflexology techniques on your fellow colleagues is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The parts of the course that challenged me (A&P) are fully supported with classroom handouts, tutorials, online facilities and Melanie who is very knowledgeable about the subject, provided support. Communication on the course is very efficient and Melanie is extremely friendly and professional. I look forward to further developing my skills with The Complementary Therapy School and have recommended it to family and friends.





Corrie Tudor

Melanie is very approachable, friendly, knowledgable and puts students at ease. The course delivery is organised and Melanie makes sure everyone knows what they are doing and what is expected. Any questions I had were replied to very quickly. I would definitely recommend The Complementary Therapy School and have loved being taught from Melanie. She brings fun, humour and lots of knowledge to her courses.





Pauline Mackie

The diploma in Swedish massage has been another good quality course. Melanie has worked really hard to raise the bar in complementary therapy training and it shows. I’ve finished feeling a confident practitioner and have pleasure in sharing what I have learned through the benefit of my clients. It’s difficult to find high quality courses that you know will be professionally recognised but this course has shown to be just that! Thank you.



Natalie Hutcheson

I searched online many times for a course in reflexology but the only ones I found did not seem legit until I came across The Complementary Therapy School. I don’t recall how I finally found it but I am so glad I did! I enjoyed every minute of the course and meeting a lovely bunch of people with the same interest in reflexology and the desire to learn as I had.

Melanie is a wonderful tutor, her warm personality instantly puts you at ease. Whenever I required help or advice out-with course contact days, Melanie was obliging and replied promptly to my emails. On the first day we were given a breakdown of the course which Melanie explained thoroughly, teaching each stage in manageable amounts. The visiting lecturers were fantastic, giving the group information on practitioner/client relationship and an interesting taster of Chinese reflexology methods. During the course all bases are covered: marketing; business skills; anatomy and physiology; case studies. This course was a fantastic opportunity. It gave me a grounding and ability to seriously consider taking on the challenge of starting my own business thanks to Melanie and the CTS.





Kate McWatt

When I realised that complementary therapy was the career for me I immediately went online looking for courses. I found courses that I wasn’t too sure of or that just didn’t fit into my day-to-day life as a working mum of three. Then I came across The Complementary Therapy School that held classes on a Sunday, help with costs from SAAS and the course is university credit rated. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the Swedish massage course over the last year with Melanie so much so that I am now studying the clinical reflexology course too.





Debbie Lynch

I had a fantastic Swedish Massage at the Complementary Therapy School. The student was confident and very competent and I felt great afterwards. I have to say, the massage was better than some I’ve paid for, and better still, motivated me to sign up for the course!



Christine McFarlane

The Reflexology course with The Complementary Therapy School caught my attention as there were no exams to sit! At school the exam setting is my worse nightmare, I would freeze and have a total blank, so being assessed throughout and course work really suited me, without compromising the high qualification. There was always a warm, relaxed atmosphere for learning this beautiful skill. And Melanie’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology is phenomenal – an aspect that I never had a background in at all – but was put in easy terms from Melanie. Melanie is very professional on a personal level, always approachable and available to talk to, discreet and keeps a confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend this course, extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. Thanks Melanie.





Joanne Nelson

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for providing such an enjoyable learning experience. It was a lot of work, but I feel I learnt a great deal during the course and now have the skills to be a good quality practitioner. Thanks also for being so approachable throughout.





Fiona Napier

I had been looking online for a course that covered Swedish therapeutic massage, and was impressed with the layout of The Complementary Therapy School website and course description.
I therefore approached The Complementary Therapy School and received an email detailing the course details and the application, all of which was full of information and easy to follow.
One of the things I liked about the course was that there were no final exams, and we were marked on course work throughout instead, I found this helped as an incentive to achieve. Among other things I liked about the course was the central location in Aberdeen and Melanie our tutor was easily approachable regarding any course queries. I found the course was a wonderful learning experience which delivered to me the facts, skills and knowledge I felt I required to further myself, and I would recommend The Complementary School to anyone wanting to become a qualified Swedish Therapeutic Massage practitioner.



Samantha Drouet

I started Melanie’s clinical reflexology course last November and I would highly recommend it to anyone. When I decided to continue my studies in complementary therapies, it was important to me that I find a course that was university credit rated and widely recognised. The Complementary Therapy School was the only learning provider that I could find offering this, so after reading the testimonials I decided to sign up. I was not disappointed; the venue was lovely, class size small, and as for Melanie, a committed holistic teacher who not only teaches it but lives it.





Mona Callander

When I decided I wanted to study reflexology I began looking for a course. I struggled to find anything close by that provided a high level of training and a recognised qualification. As I widened my search I came across The CTS. I was immediately impressed by the website and course description which offered a high level and widely recognised qualification. From my first call to enquire about enrolment Melanie was extremely helpful answering all my questions and sending me some further information explaining how the course was structured. The course was spread over a 10 month period and split between Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology. The CTS have a very assessable approach to learning, I was able to fit the course around my full time job due to practice sessions being scheduled for weekends.

Upon starting the course I felt a little apprehensive having never studied a complementary therapy or A&P before. Melanie immediately put the others and me in the group at ease creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. She explained the course and how it would be broken down and assessed answering any questions throughout the session. The group was a good size allowing Melanie to spend one on one time with us all but also allowing us to learn from each other’s experiences and bounce ideas of one another.

Melanie showed a vast knowledge and passion for both the A&P and practical Reflexology side of the course, this kept the sessions both informative and interesting. Her teaching style was a perfect balance of professional yet relaxed, no question was considered stupid and Melanie was happy to answer them throughout the session. Melanie was able to adapt her teaching and communication style dependant on the individual and their previous knowledge of the subject, allowing the group to all learn in our own way. The A&P was broken down into manageable sections, which Melanie would talk through providing excellent handouts. There was an online learning site covering the A&P, which was clear and concise, I found this easy to follow and well written as someone who has not studied A&P before. The practical sessions involved Melanie giving a demonstration followed by time for us to practice with constant support from Melanie, she offered advice and help, which really built up my confidence. The CTS provided videos of all the Reflexology sequences to watch at home, I found these a great aid when practising.

The course covered all bases, not only A&P and the practice side but also business skills and marketing. We had guest speakers providing advice on client relationships, counselling and also chinese Reflexology offering us a different take on the practice of reflexology. Throughout the course Melanie would offer advice on further reading to those who found particular aspects more interesting demonstrating her vast knowledge on the topic. Throughout the entire course Melanie was always on hand via phone or email to offer advice and support or answer any questions. She always responded promptly with an in-depth answer and was extremely approachable and discreet, again a great balance of business like professionalism on a personal level.

I would recommend the CTS to anyone, every session was worth the 300 mile round trip and I thank The CTS and especially Melanie for giving me not only the skills but the confidence I needed to go it alone and become a practising Reflexologist.



Claire Lawson

I thoroughly enjoyed my Swedish Massage and Indian Head massage courses. Practising in school made me aware of how important it is to take care of myself and others and to reduce stress. These courses make me want to receive therapies more. My clients really appreciate the treatments I give them and the sense of job satisfaction helping others’ wellbeing is priceless. Thank you to great Tutors for all the help and encouragement helping me get this far. I have more confidence for my future. Thank you so much (and for the government who helped me afford some of the courses).



Susan Robertson

I have really enjoyed the Indian head massage course. Dianne has been supportive throughout. The standard of my learning is important to me so I can offer high quality treatments to my clients. This has been a good course and I would highly recommend it.





Natalie Hutcheson

I really enjoyed learning about reflexology with The Complementary Therapy School. Melanie installed confidence in us from the start encouraging us and supporting us. I have recommended The Complementary Therapy School to many of my friends who are interested in doing the course. I wish you continued success in everything you do. Please keep me informed of all courses you will be running in the future.



Sheena Wilson

I was hesitant to make the commitment of undertaking the practitioners diploma in clinical reflexology. Already working full time in a busy and challenging environment, I was concerned how
I would manage the study workload.

The Complementary Therapy School provided the flexibility to manage my time responsibly and effectively with assignment completion dates whilst also offering much support and assistance when I needed it.

Overall the CTS gave me as much flexibility and support that I required to help me achieve the completion of my diploma.



Fiona Cowie

When I began to look for courses in reflexology, I thoroughly researched the internet and found 3 possibilities. I chose the CTS based on the fact that the course was university credit rated and after reading the many positive student testimonials on the school’s website.

I was impressed from our first morning by Melanie’s warm and friendly but business-like approach as she covered every aspect of the course content with us, from student/tutor expectations, case studies, assignments and the eventual exams, with opportunities for questions and answers throughout.

The training days were really enjoyable with clear demonstrations from Melanie, followed by student practice with guided support from her.
Throughout the course I found Melanie to be very approachable and helpful when discussing aspects of the course, or when I have had a problem understanding a point.

I would definitely recommend the school to others wishing to train in reflexology.





Moira Nicholas

This Reflexology course is run by Melanie who is a very professional, capable and knowledgeable lady. She is approachable and any queries are encouraged and answered with enthusiasm. The course meets a high standard of learning with assignments that stretch the student so that when they are completed, there is always a sense of achievement.I have finished this course feeling that I have a worthwhile qualification,which has provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build a business. The fact that the school provides lifetime support is invaluable too!



Samantha Davies

I completed the Practitioners Diploma in Clinical Reflexology And since I enjoyed it so much, decided to carry on to do the Diploma in Swedish Massage, this will give me a Diploma in Complementary Therapies. Melanie is such a good tutor, both courses gave me a good solid understanding of both subjects and have whetted my appetite to continue learning and improving my skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Complementary Therapy School to anyone considering reflexology or massage.



Christine Mcfarlane

Melanie is extremely approachable and professional whilst at the same time having a sense of humour. She works hard to get to know everyone on a personal level. It’s good to know that support is still available once graduating and Melanie always responds to requests for advice in a timeous manner. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the courses I’ve undertaken at the Complementary Therapy School and will definitely consider other courses you offer. I have also recommended the school to others whom I know have made contact with you. Thank you for all your support.





Caroline McCombie

I was looking for training in complementary therapies that was professional, affordable and worked with my schedule, and the courses at The Complementary Therapy School were the only ones that fit the bill. I signed up for the Diploma in Complementary Therapies from the outset, taking Reflexology and Anatomy and Physiology in year one, and Swedish Massage in year two. The qualifications are university credit rated and are taught in several cities throughout the UK, so you can always catch up if life gets in the way and you miss a day. Melanie is an excellent tutor, and a lovely person, who teaches the courses in a fun and professional way. She is always available for advice, and it is easy to see why she won the Association of Reflexologists Most Inspirational Tutor award 2015. New courses continue to be added; I have gone on to do the course in Indian Head Massage and hope to do more in the future.



Giga Gray

After searching and comparing many Swedish massage courses online I decided on the complementary therapy school as it offered a qualification of the highest level in the whole of the UK. I entered the course with high expectations and finished the course with expectations that exceeded the previous ones. Melanie is a great teacher, her theory and practical lessons goes by in the blink of an eye, she makes everything easy to understand and she is always there to support you both, even after hours. I was at the time worried that the course might bring too much work, as I am in full time employment, but as the coursework was both interesting and intriguing it never felt like it took up much time of the week. Also, the coursework is well spread out throughout the year. I now feel ready, confident and well equipped to meet the professional reality of massage therapy.



Emma Kullander

I have enjoyed the Clinical Reflexology course and have already signed up for more courses with The CTS. Melanie is an amazing tutor and therapist. At times I found the A & P challenging however Melanie answered any queries I had promptly. Melanie is approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. If you are looking to study Complementary Therapies and want one of the best qualifications out there… Look no further than The CTS, I can guarantee you will be impressed.





Llana Kidd

I would recommend The Complementary Therapy School to anyone wishing to study reflexology and massage for a number of reasons. Firstly, Melanie is an amazing tutor with a wealth of knowledge, which she is very happy to share, secondly the offer of lifetime support from a therapy and business perspective is excellent, thirdly the reflexology course is credited to EQF level 5, SCQF level 8 and finally she is more than happy to work with other experts in the field to increase your learning experience.
I started with Clinical Reflexology and loved the course; the techniques seemed overwhelming however Melanie is excellent at breaking this down into manageable chunks. The Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology did seem formidable at first, however with Melanie’s excellent knowledge and patience it made sense and became very enjoyable. I continued to learn with the Swedish massage course and again Melanie made this course really worthwhile. A big thank you to Melanie and her team.




Lindsay Bennett

After making the decision to retrain and take a completely different direction in my life and career I researched a number of courses to find one that would balance theory with practical skills and that’s when I came across The Complementary Therapy School.
I wanted to choose a course, which had good credentials, one I would be proud to study that would prepare me for my chosen career.
From the start I knew I had made the right choice. The course outline and materials were very professional. The online training system for A&P was easy to use and written in language I understood. I actually can’t believe how much I have learned about the human body, sometimes useful info slips out my tongue in random conversations and I laugh because at the time I wasn’t sure I would retain all the information I was trying to take in.
The practical sessions were fun and informative and gave me great experience and confidence in the reflexology sequences.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I finished feeling fully prepared to start my new business and my new life.
Thanks to Melanie for all her support and guidance, she is an amazing teacher and this is an amazing course




Donna Stevenson

I really enjoyed this course. It has made me feel so much more confident in all aspects of Reflexology. Melanie is a lovely tutor and extremely knowledgeable.






Kirsten Todd

I was looking to do Reflexology at college and looked online for alternative schools or courses and found The Complementary Therapy website, called and spoke with Melanie and booked myself on this course. The reasons being the cost and available grant, which make the course very good value, the Diploma in Complementary Therapies which includes a Diploma in Swedish Massage and Reflexology and is university credit rated and very well weighted with points. And, of course, Melanie. A brilliant therapist and teacher, Melanie is extremely professional and very friendly at the same time, always smiling and has some interesting insights into the courses. This was my second massage course, I’m already qualified in Chinese Massage, and found it very helpful in expanding my skill set, looking at the therapies from new angles and increasing my Anatomy and Physiology knowledge. I cannot recommend the courses or Melanie highly enough, professional, friendly, fun, interesting and excellent value for money.



Craig Scott

It’s my 2nd year study with Melanie. I really enjoyed the Swedish massage course. She’s an excellent teacher and friend. I learned so much from her. She’s really supportive and helpful. Whenever I have questions, she always answers them and points out what I can do. I will not hesitate to come back and study another course with her. Really glad I met her. Thank you so much, Melanie.



Phoebe Chen

After looking at several organisations, which teach reflexology, I decided to apply to the Complementary Therapy School. I contacted Melanie who was extremely helpful and passionate about reflexology so I decided to enrol on the Clinical Reflexology course. The reasons I chose the Complementary Therapy School was due to the fact that it was university credit rated and recognised by the Association of Reflexologists. The training material was written in a way that was extremely easy to understand and although some of the assignments were challenging I knew that Melanie would be happy to answer any queries I had regarding the course work. Teaching days were divided into theory and practical and Melanie made it interesting to learn. It was extremely relaxed and Melanie was happy to demonstrate the techniques several times if need be. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn reflexology. I have gained the knowledge and confidence to take this into my reflexology business. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will miss my trips up to Glasgow and seeing Melanie and the lovely ladies in my group.






Alison Dey

I had recently qualified as a reflexologist when Melanie’s course came to my attention. I signed up as soon as I realised I could gain a university credit rated qualification in reflexology and more advanced technique to add to my treatment routine. I already held a qualification in anatomy and physiology but not at the advanced level offered by Melanie. Although the A&P course work and essay requirements were robust and expansive, Melanie really enlivened the content with her incredible comprehension and genuine love of the subject, which was both encouraging and supportive.
Melanie was recently awarded the Inspirational Tutor Award 2015 by the Association of Reflexologists, which was well deserved as she carries a wonderful sense of compassion and understanding in her exchanges with everyone. Learning from a tutor who has that much love of their subject, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and an inherent heart-centred approach to health and healing, can only ever be inspirational and aspirational. I’d encourage anyone considering this course to learn their craft from Melanie, she really is one in a million.




Carol Watt

I came across The Complementary Therapy School while looking for a Reflexology course to add on to the other complementary therapy trainings I had started (Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, seated acupressure and deep tissue) – As part of a personal project to turn my passion for natural well-being through complementary therapies into a career. And so I was looking for a Reflexology course that would fit into my already busy schedule. The clinical Reflexology course offered by The CTS caught my attention because of its high amount of credits (SCQF Level 8), the good reviews, the schedule and location. Adding to that the course was really affordable with the possibility to get a grant for tuition fees from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). I joined the course and was immediately impressed by the tutor’s (Melanie) enthusiasm and passion for Reflexology. Although it was hard work combining a part time job, 3 days at college and the Reflexology course assignments, both Melanie’s and fellow students/friends inspired me to progress. I’m also grateful for the great people I met during the course. This year has been a great experience on many levels (knowledge, human/social, etc.) and this course has definitely contributed to it. THANK YOU for everything Melanie; for sharing your passion and knowledge and being so approachable and understanding. I must admit that when I started the course I already believed in the efficiency of Reflexology but I was not really passionate about it. Throughout the course, the practice I have discovered that practicing Reflexology has also a great benefit on myself – it brings me such inner peace as well as on the person I treat.




Natacha Maillard

I have always been fascinated by reflexology and came across The Complementary Therapy School when I was researching courses. It appealed to me as it not only offered courses on reflexology but a Diploma in Complementary Therapies which was University credit rated. The Diploma is the highest level available in the UK, and as I wanted to set up my own holistic therapies business, it made sense to go for the best qualification possible. The course is incredibly hard work, especially working full time, but also great fun and definitely worth it. Melanie is very supportive and is always happy to give advice and help you out of a tight corner when you find yourself struggling! I’ve enjoyed the past year so much that I’ve already signed up for other courses offered by the CTS to allow me to offer a wide range of therapies. I’ve also met a great bunch of like minded women who are now friends for life and that I look forward to continuing to learn with on our other courses. I would highly recommend the CTS to anyone with an interest in complementary therapies, you’ll soon find it becomes a life long passion.






Sarah Gallacher

Melanie is a kind, patient and modest teacher who creates a calm and relaxed learning environment for her students. She responds quickly to her students emails and returns written work promptly. She is lighthearted and good humoured, and I will really miss learning Swedish Massage from her!

Melanie is a kind, patient and modest teacher who creates a calm and relaxed learning environment for her students. She responds quickly to her students emails and returns written work promptly. She is lighthearted and good humoured, and I will really miss learning Swedish Massage from her!




Laura Tidswell

If you are looking for a fluffy high level course I suggest you look elsewhere! The Anatomy and Physiology module takes students on a journey through the human body. I probably knew more about the workings of Facebook than how my body sustains life before I took the course. From the tiny details of a cell, to each of the major systems of the body, the subject matter is fascinating, and made accessible by Melanie’s teaching style. It’s not all on a plate however – reading around the subject is necessary for essay writing – and it’s well worth the effort.
On day one it was hard to imagine that I could possibly remember an hour-long reflexology sequence. By the end of the course we all proved, through practical assessment, that we had mastered it. The real skill however is in tailoring the treatment to each individual, and this is where the Anatomy and Physiology knowledge and consultation skills become so relevant.
There is a great integrity in the course. Being university credit rated, the standards are high. Complementary therapists have a duty of care to clients, and this was very much reflected in the course. As students we were required to critically assess scientific research, and to form our own view on the effectiveness of our practice through our own case studies.
I was fortunate to have learned alongside a very special bunch of ladies, and I’m sure we will keep in touch and continue to support each other. It’s invaluable to have Melanie’s ongoing support as well. Thanks Melanie , for opening the door to so much knowledge and for all the fun we had along the way!




Amanda Hadfield

As a student of the Complementary Therapy School I found the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology a highly organised, professional course that offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge, and advanced practical skills to become a confident Reflexologist. The teachers and the methods they use are first class. As someone who didn’t have any experience of being a therapist, I was looking for a part-time course that would allow me to pursue an interest and gain a recognised qualification in Reflexology. Not only did the course meet these expectations but helped me to develop useful skills in scientific and market research and a wider interest in complementary therapies.







Vicki Lee

Having attended a 6 week taster Reflexology course at my local college I was hooked and really keen to gain a “proper qualification “ in reflexology. After looking at all the courses I found the CTS. The qualification and cost appealed to me and the fact you were in a small class with a hands on tutor was my kind of learning.
I have to admit in the beginning I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew! However with encouragement from my family and tutor Melanie ( who listened to my concerns but seemed to believe I could “do this”) I carried on and got to the finish line. In fact I was surprised and still am as to how well I had done.
I also met some great girls along the way.
Thank you to you all and Melanie too.





Diane Young

The Swedish massage course was fantastic. This was my second year studying with The CTS as I qualified in reflexology last year and I know I’ll be back to study again in the future! Melanie was a fantastic tutor, always supportive and encouraging and I feel so confident in my abilities as a complementary therapist. If you’re looking for a course which will give you the highest level of training then this is the course to join.





Jane Bolt

I decided to begin a course in Swedish Massage as I was interested in this type of complementary therapy. I didn’t know where to start and was getting increasingly confused with the amount of information on the Internet on which route would be best to take.
This led me to phoning Melanie from the Complementary Therapy School and she was very informative and gave her honest and unbiased advice.
I had already thought that this course would probably be more suited to me as it would then give me a qualification at diploma level.
Melanie provides a course where you constantly learn, she is very knowledgeable and approachable. I looked forward to attending my course and working through my assignments.
Melanie also appreciates how things can happen in our personal lives and supports her students to help them be successful graduates.
I would highly recommend this course as I am about to embark on the reflexology course.
Thanks for everything Melanie.








Claire McCallum

I completed the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology with The Complementary Therapy School in Edinburgh. I found the whole course very interesting and stimulating. Melanie, the tutor, was both supportive and informative and I would highly recommend this course to others.






Nina Fairley

I have enjoyed the clinical reflexology course immensely and have met some wonderful people who I will remain friends with after the course. The Complementary Therapy School should be proud of what they have achieved and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to do these types of courses. Melanie is extremely knowledgeable and a credit to The Complementary Therapy School. I am proud to have been a student.






Wendy Robertson

Having already studied the Practitioners Diploma in Reflexology with Melanie, I had no hesitation in continuing my studies with The CTS to complete the Swedish Massage Diploma. I knew the course would be of a high standard but still flexible to fit around bringing up 3 children. Melanie is always approachable and on hand to help if needed and she has a lovely manner. I will continue to recommend The CTS to people interested in a career in complementary therapies.








Jaclyn Muirhehead

I have just completed the Clinical Reflexology course and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it. Melanie is an excellent teacher and very approachable, nothing is a bother to her. The course work at times was challenging but was made easier with Melanie’s help and encouragement. I also met a lovely group of ladies and always looked forward to the training days. I have enjoyed every moment of the course and the sense of achievement has given me the confidence to go on and do other courses.





Christene Fraser

I took the Reflexology course and I would highly recommend it to anyone. As I suffer from health issues I was a bit hesitant to embark on any course, but I contacted Melanie before signing up and she was so supportive and kind I decided to give it a go. The fact it’s just one day a month meeting up and the rest is in your own time worked out brilliantly for me. Although the majority is in your own time you are not left on your own, Melanie was there to answer any query or give support whenever I needed it. I’ve now managed to complete the course, made new friends and have embarked on a new career!






Jill Pate

Melanie is such a talented and intelligent lady. Those long words just come so easily to her and her memory is amazing! Thanks for being an excellent Tutor and awesome person!








Donna Gray

When I was browsing for a course in complementary therapies I was struck by the Complementary Therapy School’s website. It is clear, informative and attractive and reassured me that any course offered by the School would be of high quality. The Swedish Massage course is a university credit rated course and has a good mix of practical and theory classes. Melanie is an encouraging tutor and very flexible about submission of course work and always approachable with regards to questions both in class and via email. I was worried about the anatomy module for my Swedish Massage course but Melanie is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject and reassured the class that we would get to grips with the subject, which we did. I would recommend this course.






Moira Buchan

I write to say thank you so much for offering a wonderful learning opportunity through The Complementary Therapy School here in Edinburgh. Your enthusiasm for both the Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology was infectious. The course was presented in a way that catered for varied learning styles and I can honestly say was never dull. As a course leader you are inspirational, committed to offering a high quality learning experience and always available to offer support and guidance where necessary. I would highly recommend your courses and I know I will be back to expand my skills in the future.







Meah Stirling

The Clinical Reflexology course through the Complementary Therapy School is very thorough and Melanie, the school principal, is very knowledgeable in all aspects of reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology.
As it is university credit rated there is a lot of coursework and practical hours to complete to a high standard, however this is achievable and Melanie is available either in class, by email or phone with help and support throughout.
I am glad I chose the Complementary Therapy School. I feel the training and support provided is excellent and would highly recommend this course to anyone intrested in Reflexology. Thank you Melanie!









Gillian Frost

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your teaching. It has been an absolute joy to learn some of your knowledge and learn from your fantastic work ethic as a complementary therapist. You have been a teacher and a great role model.






Elena McCorkindale

I have done both the reflexology and Swedish massage courses with Melanie. She has been a great support, very understanding and is always willing to help whenever needed. I have enjoyed my time studying with the Complementary Therapy School and will definitely be back in future to add to my current qualifications. I have already recommended the CTS to friends who are interested in learning about complementary therapies and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.








Sarah Gallacher

It’s my 2nd year study with Melanie. I really enjoyed the Swedish massage course. She’s an excellent teacher and friend. I learned so much from her. She’s really supportive and helpful. Whenever I have questions, she always answers them and points out what I can do. I will not hesitate to come back and study another course with her. Really glad I met her. Thank you so much, Melanie.









Phoebe Chen

The Swedish massage course was fantastic. This was my second year studying with The CTS as I qualified in reflexology last year and I know I’ll be back to study again in the future! Melanie was a fantastic tutor, always supportive and encouraging and I feel so confident in my abilities as a complementary therapist. If you’re looking for a course which will give you the highest level of training then this is the course to join.







Jane Bolt

With an educational background in BSc Hons Psychology and Postgraduate in Counselling I desired to take a complementary therapy course that offered a university credit rated qualification. When I first began looking for Reflexology courses in Edinburgh I was impressed by the professional information shown on The Complementary Therapy School website. I remember wondering if this course is really as genuine as it appears. To clarify my worries, I decided to contact Melanie Bell. With her friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly approachable manner, I immediately decided to apply for the course.

As the course commenced, my anxiety faded as soon as I met the tutor. Melanie always created an entertaining and a positive learning environment. She was always smiling and willing to answer any question without making any student feel unwise. The subjects on reflexology, anatomy/physiology, traditional Chinese medicine, counselling and marketing really demonstrated the tutor’s knowledge and organisation levels.

Melanie is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated about reflexology which shows in her phenomenal teaching methods on both the practical and theoretical aspects. She has consistently guided me through the course and increased my confidence and aspiration in becoming a clinical reflexologist. I recommend this course to anyone considering a future in Reflexology. Thank you, Melanie, for an amazing year.








Shaimaa Elhag

I have been lucky enough to be a student of the CTS for the past two years now. I have completed Clinical Reflexology and this year Swedish Massage. Melanie is a fantastic tutor who is very professional, approachable and friendly. There is a lot of academic work on the courses but Melanie delivers this in a way that is easy to understand and fun at the same time. I have come on such a journey since being with the CTS and I have now opened my own Holistic Studio. The courses not only teach you how to do the practical element of the therapies but they also give you the much needed understanding of how to run a business. I am so thankful to Melanie and her team and I cannot wait to do more courses with the CTS. Thank you for giving me the confidence to give up my day job and follow my dream of becoming a Complementary Therapist.










Llana Kidd

Someone available at the end of the phone is both helpful and essential for study and confidence in study. I enjoyed the course and being new to study, Melanie’s approach to adapt to people of different abilities has helped and inspired me to continue. My interest has grown in the topic as the course has progressed. Feedback from my clients has also inspired me from seeing them benefit.







Martin Cathrew

The Clinical Reflexology Course provided by the Complementary Therapy School allowed me to fulfil my ambition of becoming a qualified, confident reflexologist.
I completed both the Anatomy & Physiology and Reflexology modules. These intense, University credited modules, alongside the 100 hours of practical training I had to complete, meant I had a very busy year! Melanie was very approachable, helpful and reassuring with any queries I had, whilst completing the assignments or during my practical sessions.
If you are willing to put in the time and effort, then you will find this a very rewarding course which will give you a high quality qualification and allow you to become a competent reflexologist. Thank you Melanie.









Dorne Edwards

I signed up to do the diploma in Complementary Therapies. I am at the end of the reflexology course and have really enjoyed it. It was a small class and the teaching was really easy to understand. The practical aspect was extremely useful and the theory was well taught and simple to follow. Also the potential for extensions on handing in coursework made the course very flexible and much easier to fit in around my work and home life. Melanie has been very approachable and helpful with any queries I have had and I am looking forward to beginning the next part of my qualification.










Carol McCabe

The Clinical Reflexology course was one of the best training I ever had in this field. Both the classes and the home assessments were designed to teach us the most possible about this wonderful therapy. Melanie as a teacher is inspiring, extremely knowledgeable and approachable during the whole course.
As an international student, it is important for me that the language barriers wouldn’t affect my studies and I have to say that during this course I never felt any disadvantage for not being a non-native English speaker. The material and the lectures are easy to follow and I never got lower marks because of my simpler English.
I left the course as a confident therapist, which means I will treat my first ‘real’ reflexology clients with competency and it is due to the great work of Melanie and the other lecturers.
I will recommend this course to people who are interested in a high quality reflexology course and I will spread the word about it not only in the UK but also in all the countries I will travel in the future.
I would like to thank to the whole crew of The Complementary Therapy School for the great learning experience!








Orsolya Toth

I am delighted to qualify this summer with a Practitioner Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy, after a busy and exciting year. I met and trained with a lovely group of likeminded people from all over the UK. I found Melanie to be a very talented, knowledgeable and approachable tutor who was always quick to respond to emails, acknowledging safe receipt of assessments and/or offering assistance and support where required. I have to admit that I was concerned I would struggle to keep up with the course work and practical experience required to gain this excellent qualification whilst juggling a 3 year old and working full time, but Melanie was very encouraging throughout and she put me at ease when I needed to request extensions, meaning that I was able to fit studying around my busy schedule. Thank you very much Melanie, I look forward to joining you again in October for Clinical Reflexology and to gaining my Diploma in Complementary Therapies.









Kirsty Gordon

It is so beautiful that you accepted a foreign student, who came to Scotland just for your school and finally fell in love with this profession and wants to get the most out of it. Thank you for that. The most inspirational tutor award that you have gained found its right place and I can talk about that more than anyone.I cannot wait for the Reflexology and the Sports and Remedial massage courses to begin this year.










Emmanouil Petrakis

The Swedish massage course has been fantastic. Very thorough and enjoyable. Met beautiful people, Melanie was very professional yet approachable and fun and I’m so pleased to have a new skill. Highly recommended.








Laurie Fallon

I have studied with Melanie and the Complementary Therapy School for 2 years now working towards a Diploma in Complementary Therapies and cannot thank Melanie enough for all the help she has given me throughout. Her teaching method is excellent, delivered in a relaxed way, adapting to each student, passing over complex information in a manner that it is easy to understand that also has the students working towards their goals cleverly, looking at all aspects of therapy to help you become a skilled and caring practitioner. Melanies’ passion for Complementary therapies shines through and she encourages you to be the best therapist you can be!









Craig Scott

I have spent the last two years studying Swedish Massage & Reflexology with the Complementary Therapy School. I feel confident in both and am excited to begin my new journey with the tools I have gained with Melanie and the CTS. Not only have I come away having learned these new skills, I have also been given confidence throughout by client appointments during these courses and the amount of support Melanie and the other students offers while completing all the hours of practice required. I feel lucky to not only have made a friend in Melanie but also know that’s she’ll continue to be a mentor professionally. Starting something new is always daunting so to be able to have someone willing to offer support and guidance is invaluable.











Nikita Webster

I successfully completed the Practitioner Diploma in Swedish Massage in Glasgow in July 2015. Overall this is a fantastic course, and the results speak for themselves in that my massage clients have reported improvements in their health after regular treatments and all describe experiencing deep relaxation.
The practical classes teach a thorough full-body massage routine, which I adapt for my clients’ individual needs, adding the facial, abdominal, and feet massage elements as necessary. Melanie made the theoretical classes engaging and digestible (pun intended!) and the resultant Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology qualification provides the necessary depth of knowledge that all reputable healing practitioners should have. Because classes were held at the weekend, it allowed me to study and work at the same time. There was also flexibility in the submission times for the written assignments.
This is an excellent course for practitioners wishing to have a career in massage or to add massage to their pre-existing therapies. The tail end of the course touched on deeper massage techniques and investigated muscular trigger points, which can be developed in Melanie’s Sports and Remedial Massage Course. Melanie is also an advocate of complementary therapies as a credible, effective branch of health care, creating university credit rated courses that produce well-trained therapists who are well-prepared for the job market or self-employment. Thanks Melanie, you’re an excellent and inspirational teacher and mentor.









Katie Stewart

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable and informative course. I really have enjoyed the experience.










Leigh kerr

As a complementary therapist, studying, working and volunteering in many countries, I undertook the Clinical Reflexology course in London to find new ways to adapt complementary therapies in a palliative care setting, which I’m into lately.

The course gave me depth and understanding to the clinical and practical aspects of Reflexology, with informed adaptations to practice and holistic approach to suit the client’s needs. Different modules such as foot and hands reflexology, five elements and Chinese medicine aspect, incorporated in different exercises, treatments and case studies brought the subjects alive. Law regulations, the consultation and counseling classes taught us how to work with compassion, sensitivity and understanding as well the importance of practice based on trust, mutual respect and safety. High, academic level of anatomy and physiology as well research and marketing assignments are very inspiring, bringing lots of ideas and helps to being fully practice-oriented therapist. As a student member of the Association of Reflexologists I could also explore new techniques, studies and work or volunteering opportunities.

This challenging programme was effectively carried through with a very high pedagogical standard with different types of media, materials and with excellent analysis and feedback. The interactive atmosphere of the small group was great, friendly and fun as well contributed to interesting discussions and exchange of experiences.

The course changed both my work and personal life. I have been able to employ the skills I learnt, with great results almost immediately as well expand my customers base. I also discovered the opportunities to work as Reflexologist with a range of difficulties and disorders caused by traumatic events or life-threatening conditions those I was interested in previously and I was able to explore along this programme.

I can’t thank you enough for the most enlightening and valuable learning experience provided by The Complementary Therapy School. From my perspective, the course can be highly recommended both for beginners and qualified therapist to continue professional development.











Ania Koscianska

I have recently competed the Reflexology Diploma and have enjoyed it so much I am going on to do the Swedish massage course later this year! I was apprehensive at first as I had been out of education for ten years but Melanie has a way about her that puts you instantly at ease. The course was very in depth with a lot of focus on practical and anatomy & physiology. The support out with class was fantastic. I would highly recommend the complementary therapy school.










Katie Brown

Thank you to the Complementary Therapy School for a great course with enjoyable and challenging content. The tutors delivered the training sessions in an easy to understand way. The practical aspect of the course was the most rewarding for me.











Heather Robertson

There are lots of courses available to learn reflexology but I wanted a thorough and in-depth one and the complementary therapy schools course is exactly what I needed. I had basic anatomy knowledge before starting but now I feel I have learnt so much. Melanie is very supportive and shares her knowledge well. I feel very prepared to start my journey as a reflexologist.











Lizzie Tarling